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How does one pronounce "Scion" anyways? I've heard it pronounced so many different way.
1) See-on?
2) Sky-on?
3) Sy-on?
4) Sh-on?

Focus is ugly. I'm driving a rental one now (car's in for it's 70K checkup) and I'm not all that enthused about it. It's creaky and the doors slam shut with this "low quality" thud. OK.. It's a rental and was probably abused by some renegade college student on the way to Tiajuana or something. But still. I would have been happier if Enterprise had given me the SL1 on the lot.

I don't see why "youths" can't get a nicely trimmed Cobalt or even a G6 or a Sunfire. They're all within reach of 1st time car buyers or parents buying for their kid. At 28, I'm obviously too old to find the See-on/Sky-on/Sy-on/Sh-on attractive. And even the Focus.

My first was was a 91 Saturn SL2, so I've got a soft spot for Saturns, and they're a wonderful 1st car -- amazingly reliable and cheap to maintain.
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