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I say get what you like, you'll be much happier with it in the long run and less likely to want to trade it in 2 years later. For me the 'Toyota quality' thing isn't such a big draw, but I love the functionality of it, the high revving engine mated to a 6-speed manual (on the GT), and the fold flat seats including the front passenger seat with plastic on the backs of the seats making one very large functional load floor for a hatchback.

The Vibe is a great selling vehicle - one of Pontiac's best.

Check out the fanatic owners at: GenVibe

As far as "ugly" goes, I think the unpainted lower body cladding trim level is tacky. The monochrome painted cladding Vibes look good to me. And Texas, yeah, everyone is supposed to drive a pickup or an F-body to be cool, but at least you'll have an Arrowhead on the back of your car, and not a "Toy-yoda" or "Hahn-duh" emblem for them Texans to hate. ;)

I also like the looks of the upcoming 2005 Vibe, with the smoothed out grille:

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