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We've had a Vibe for about a year now, and we really like it. It's primarily my wife's car, and she loves the higher seating position, the ride, and the vesatility. Plus of course, the mileage is great. 28-30 mpg in warmer months, and 26-28 in the winter.

Ours is a base automatic, and I would want the supercharger if this was to be my primary car. I'm very impressed, however, at how it holds speed on the freeway. Taking hills at 75-80 mph in a headwind, I would expect a lot of downshifting, but it doesn't. It just maintains the set speed. It's a better than expected highway cruiser.

For me, the worst aspect of the car is the position of the steering wheel in relation to the seat. It's way to far away. I always have to drive with my arms completely extended. A telescoping wheel would be nice, but really not necessary. Just extend the steering column out as far as virtually every other car has it. I don't know what the designers were thinking on this one.

Other than that, the seats are comfy, and in 16,000 miles, absolutely no trouble so far.
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