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Z06 Scuderia?, ZR-1 ?

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I know we're talking almost $300K, but your house is a depreciating asset too, now:

"First Test: 2008 Ferrari 430 Scuderia
Enzo, Schmenzo: You own one of the 380-some surviving Enzos and think your carbon-fiber V-12 baby is the shizzle? Think again..."

0-60 = 3.1 sec, 1/4 mile = 11.2 sec @ 126.7 mph, 60-0 = 93 feet!!!

I wonder if this is faster than the ZR-1?

I also wonder if team corvette could have done this to the Z06 with the ~$20K that Wagoner gave them to show him a $100K vette.
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Remember, you could get a Corvette with no radio, and or heater delete, and no AC......the L88 and ZL-1 packages were that way. The original ZR1 and ZR2 packages were available that way too. They hardly sold any !! Of course they didn't exactly promote them either.
I'm just saying becareful of what you ask for.....
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