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Z06 Scuderia?, ZR-1 ?

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I know we're talking almost $300K, but your house is a depreciating asset too, now:

"First Test: 2008 Ferrari 430 Scuderia
Enzo, Schmenzo: You own one of the 380-some surviving Enzos and think your carbon-fiber V-12 baby is the shizzle? Think again..."

0-60 = 3.1 sec, 1/4 mile = 11.2 sec @ 126.7 mph, 60-0 = 93 feet!!!

I wonder if this is faster than the ZR-1?

I also wonder if team corvette could have done this to the Z06 with the ~$20K that Wagoner gave them to show him a $100K vette.
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Isn't the Scuderia like 2800lbs? It's on a whole different level than the Z06 and ZR1, with an entirely different intent than both the Chevs. It's a street legal race car that makes a Viper ACR look like it was built to take grandma to bingo.
Scuderia is 2976, according to the article I thoughtfully posted a link to.
Z06 is around 3179, while the base F430 is 3197. Sounds to me like the Z06 COULD have gotten there with the same formula.

It's sad that Chevy (the volume brand) thought that their supercar had to be as comfortable as possible. Ferrari figured if people are buying an expensive sports car like this, maybe they just want to go fast - not send grandma out to bingo...
Awesome line.
So's this one from the article written by someone who's actually driven the car:

"...Out in the hills above Maranello, these many small improvements combine to form one awesome piece of machinery, made all the sweeter by being a surprisingly complete and comfortable car. There's no radio (the engine note is worth 1000 iPods), but it's well air-conditioned and trimmed in rich Alcantara and leather inside like a proper road car, not a stripped-out racer..."

Sounds like just the recipe for generating large quantities of automotive lust.
Sounds like sugarcoatingn expensive car like this (at $272,306) should at least have the most basic feature found in a 12k car. I wonder what would have happened if the ZR1 didnt include a radio.

I think first people would complain that it didn't have NAV...:lmao:
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