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Z06 Scuderia?, ZR-1 ?

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I know we're talking almost $300K, but your house is a depreciating asset too, now:

"First Test: 2008 Ferrari 430 Scuderia
Enzo, Schmenzo: You own one of the 380-some surviving Enzos and think your carbon-fiber V-12 baby is the shizzle? Think again..."

0-60 = 3.1 sec, 1/4 mile = 11.2 sec @ 126.7 mph, 60-0 = 93 feet!!!

I wonder if this is faster than the ZR-1?

I also wonder if team corvette could have done this to the Z06 with the ~$20K that Wagoner gave them to show him a $100K vette.
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A stripped down very light Ferrari F430 that has R tires..........

Put some DOT drag radials on a Z06 and compare ites 1/4 time to this.........
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