Remember LumberJetta? Well, VW's not the only one who can handle unconventional ways of handling cargo. Like this Couchvette that tests the limits of just sofa, we can push the limits of our daily drivers.

But before we get into the couch on the roof, the latest trend for scaring children into behaving at Christmas lets talk for a moment about that paint job. Yup, it's a full-on Lightning McQueen Rust-eze vinyl wrap. Or at least we hope it's a wrap. Ka-Chow, indeed.

We found the pic on Reddit, but take a walk over to Instagram and this is the car of dropout_C7. Who does lots of crazy things with their C7. Many involving watermelons. Like putting loads of them in the massive rear hatch. Or using them as wheel spacers. Or as shift knobs. Or as jack stands. Really? That one seems like a really bad idea.




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Is a Corvette the best way to move your couch? Nope, but it's probably the fastest. As long as you have some really good tie-down straps and don't mind losing a cushion or two along the way. And while it's not everybody's style, we definitely endorse having fun with your car.