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Today I had to rent a car because I couldn't use none of my cars. Of course, I wanted the lightest car with the biggest engine! Altough I wouldn't said NO to a v8 rustang from Hertz, I ended up with the GP from Budget!!

Before going into details I want to give a few specs on my daily driver, so you can have an ideea of my background, also few specs for the GP:

///91 Park Ave Ultra /// 04 GP GT /// 98 Park ave ultra
weight /// 3662 lbs /// 3484 lbs /// 3837 lbs
power /// 170/4800 /// 200/5200
torque /// 220/3200 /// 230/4000

wheelbase/// 110.8 /// 110.5

The first impresion was good, the car's side looks very sporty (and muscular if you consider the glass/body ratio), almost like a coupe.
very nice wheels!
The front is both serious and aggresive. It won't say polite like a bmw "move over", it says "i'll eat you alive if you don't". The headlamps details look real good and and the turn signals/projectors are very unique, overall the front is both expressive and expensive. I can only imagine how good those edges on the hood look on a black car with several coats of wax on them!
The rear is okay I think, the rear lamps are far less important than the headlamps, the most noticeable beeing the rear wing, again very unique. Altough I don't like personally the tailpipes detail, those again are very unique, years ahead of the old oval design, but probably those on the old anniv. model looked better overall (maybe a good ideea to use them on the gtp, along with the hood heat extractors).

For me the exterior is probably as important as the engine, overall the car, while beeing only 7" shorter than my park, it looks very very sporty (proportionally), as close to a 2 door coupe as they come.

For what they accomplished with the exterior I give them 9,5 out of 10.
The only things I'd change would be the details marked with green.

I don't care much about the interior, I only want a good seat basicly, and the car delivers. the seats are very supportive, very fast you can find a very nice driving position. The steering wheel is real thick, another bonus. Overall the car is very ergonomic, I'm pretty tall at 1,86m and I had space to spare. The rear seat could be better (hadroom-wise), but given the shape of the car I do believe it was the best they could do. The rear seat is for the mother in law/kids, it's very unlikely a tall person will ever sit there, especially on longer trips. the sound system is wonderfull, as expected! Also I LOVE that red light staring at you from the dash!!

Overall I give the interior 9,5 out of 10.
What I would improve would be:
-padding the armrest on the door like the center one;
-re-shaping as a wider t-handle the shifter for better support for the right hand when just laying there (also wrapping it in leather);
-wrapping the steering wheel in leather.
I firmly believe that if you are to use two small pieces of leather on the entire car, they should be on the only things you keep your hands: shifter and st. wheel!
- the speedo IS real BIG! make it smaller, make the tach bigger, and throw in a volt meter and oil pressure gauge (but this is secondary, maybe on the next gp-hehe-).

Driving impresions: wel, the car feels much smaller/lighter than it really is. The relatively low weight for the size of the car (I included the weight of a newer park just to have an ideea of the amount of pork the new cars tend to have) really pays off.
You have to love that 3.8! It's hard to obey the speed limit or not to torture those front tires. The steering feels heavy, that's a man's car for sure. For the 25k they ask you sure smile a lot while driving it.
good brakes, very stable in turns. it makes you drive like you're some sort of rally pilot-hehe-
the chassis seems to be very stiff: the suspension does a good job filtering the horrible roads we have here while not beeing buick-like soft.
The only thig that I'd change would be the mufflers: they HAVE to be louder, at least from 3k rpm on. Guys, it's not a 2,5 base altima 4 banger: it's a 3.8!! let it growl!
I'd give it a 10 here!

If I'd want a car around this price, I'd just refinance for the extra 2k needed for the gtp-hehe- I can only imagine the silly grin I'd wear all day long driving that s/c marvel.

Sorry for the lenghth of the review, but what can I say: I'm a sucker for Pontiacs-hehe-

PS: filled it up with gas and I was very suprised of the good fuel economy 11,5liter/100km. given how I abused it in every corner it's not much
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