Tired of simply making cars that smell nice, Cadillac decided to make people smell nice in 2008 when it rolled out a line of perfumes and colognes. It may be getting back into the fragrance game.

Cadillac Society recently sniffed out a trademark filed with the USPTO in January of 2020 for the name Cadillac as it applies to "room fragrances, perfumes and colognes, non-medicated soaps for personal use" and candles.

Naturally, this is only evidence of a fragrance range, not confirmation that you will soon be able to make your bathroom smell like a CT6 with Super Cruise. It could also be the case that, like BMW, Cadillac is considering a range of fragrances for its cars. Who doesn't love a little pot pourri in their car?

With Cadillac going after chic clientele, a signature scent to hand out to influencers could be a valuable promotional tool. A candle or a scent could make as lovely a gift for the Oscars after-party as it would make set-dressing for a beauty blogger.

Back in 2008, when Cadillac last tried its hand at fragrances, is partnered with famed French perfumer, Arnaud Winter.