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Originally posted by SUPERBADD75@Jun 19 2004, 11:27 PM

plenty of us have driven other GMT-360s, and, uh, they're not that great. a SAAB front end and a little suspension tuning isn't enough to make it a worthy competitor against stout competition. the X5, the XC90, Cayenne/Touareg... all very good, very modern SUVs. the SAABlazer is an old school SUV, not up to the task of today's luxury SUV market. get over it. stop worshipping GM just because they're GM. jeez.....
First of all, the 9-7X won't be competing with an X5 or a Cayenne or Touareg.
It is better geared to compete with M-Class and Discovery.

Sportier tuning, bigger wheels/tires, and a more powerful V8, better leather, a better dash, shoudl give the 9-7X enough value over the other 360s.
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