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Auto writer Anita Lienert has written an essay that ought to be required reading for everyone from Mark LaNeve on down to the guys who sweep the floors in Cadillac dealers' garages. She makes a simple, brilliant point about why Lex-arse has eaten so much of the luxury market despite building not particularly attractive or appealing cars.

That is that Lexus = trust. You can trust your Lexus to start, run and endure. You can trust your Lexus dealer to put you first and ensure that your car never disappoints you. You can trust your Lexus to hold its value reasonably.

It got me thinking just how important in this day and age when we entrust so many important functions to others how valuable it is to be able to have trust in people you deal with.

These are words Cadillac needs to try to live by. As any reader of these forums has seen, dealers are still sometimes high-handed. We all know how bad the depreciation can be - heck, at least on some models, they have to slash prices to get the cars out the door, so you begin with a big dose of dishonesty right there on the window sticker. Quality, well, they do have that act coming together nicely.

Give Ms. Lienert's column a read, her insights are invaluable.
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