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wiring problems????

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I hookup a new trailer to my hookup form my tahoe. Now my dash board light won't work does anyone know whats up with thtat and if so how do i fix it? I check my fuses and they are all good?
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I assume you mean you have no back lighting on you instrument panel?

What year truck?

Usually it means you have no tail lights, its a safety thing, they put them on the same circuit. Usually happens when you pop a fuse, most often from a short in the wiring(wired wrong or pinched/corroded wire).
are they still out after the trailer is unplugged?

are you able to identify fuses(what fuse protects what circuit)?

do you have power at the proper fuse(test light at fuse lit both sides)? you have marker/parking lights working in the back?
then you definitely have a brake in the circuit(maybe a fuseable link?). Most common is the fuse....

unless you have a main fuse under the hood, but you'd probably have more not working than just the tail/dash lights.

Unless you feel comfortable chasing wiring diagrams your probably going to have to take it to a shop.

pm me if you are interested in a diagram
1 - 3 of 7 Posts
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