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I am a Colorado fan( even a member of ) and always have been. But there is one thing that I have never understood. Why did GM not put the 4.2 I6 in the colorado when it came out in 2004, as it is little more then the truck version of the Trailblazer SUV? The 4.2 would have greatly improved the capabilty and both vehichles use basicly the same transmission( or exactly the same, I'm not sure ) So why did GM cut it down a cylinder and go with what is now the 3.7 5 cylinder? It doesn't make much sense to me. Can anybody else help me out?
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I think it is too small as it is. Making it smaller then it is now would just defeat the purpose. If you are unable to put a 6 cylinder into a mid sized product, your engine bay is too small. If they made it the same size as the Trailblazer, then you could use what is now the 2.9 as your base motor, the 4.2 as a bread and butter engine for it, and the 5.3 for the high horsepower sporty versions. That seems like a more conventional lineup then the four with a five
The Colorado/Canyon are primarily an Isuzu pickup not a Trailblazer with the back cut off like the old S10 vs Blazer, it is really made for a series of 4 cylinder turbodiesel and the occasional gas engine that are put in them by Isuzu everywhere but North America ;)

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