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It seems that the most recent Ranier review evokes a lot of strong opinion about what constitutes "good badge engineering", "bad badge engineering", or whether the practice itself is the root of all evil.

Although I think the Ranier is just all that, I agree with the often-expressed sentiment that the GMT360 platform is shared among too many GM brands. While I wouldn't exactly call it a modern-day J-car (J-cars sucked, the GMT360 trucks are nice), we learned from the J-car experience that certain platforms just don't translate into certain brand identities no matter how much you tweak them.

I suspect many here would agree that the J-car was okay as a Chevy Cavalier and a Pontiac Sunfire, but that the idea of sharing the J-car began to fall apart as an Olds and a Buick and completely blew up when it infected Cadillac.

Likewise, the GMT360 platform works well as a Chevy and GMC, but does it translate into a Buick? A Saturn? A Saab?

My vote goes for Chevy/GMC/Buick/Saturn, although somewhat reluctantly since I haven't seen a Saturn rendition. The fact that it works well with Chevy and GMC is a no-brainer IMO, and I consider the Ranier a fine Buick that is sufficiently distinct from the other two, and as a way for GM to offer this vehicle in a more upscale form.

I think Saturn's brand expansion into real SUV territory makes sense, (as opposed to expanding into roadster territory--:blink:), so as long as they can create a distinct Saturn version of this vehicle, I'm all for it.
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