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Not so. At the end of the 4th gen production, the Z/28 base price was $19,500. You go back to the 70s and brand new Camaros were super cheap, which is why they sold boat loads of them back then. Easily affordable for someone at their first real job out of school. 12 years later, the 5th gen LS Camaro base is $24,000 which isn't a bad increase allowing for inflation. But a 5th gen SS starts at $32,000. Same for a 2014 Mustang GT.

The Camaro, Firebird, and Mustang were all once upon a time affordable for people starting out in their early 20s. Not so any more
up until the late 90' the Mustang/Camaro WAS a "cheap" runabout and Mostly all about the looks but where compact family sedans converted into a "sports" car

the WRX/GTO I get along with the Topaz and Prius "C" as all of those I assume have a VERY young buyer group BUT it is the Tribeca I do NOT GET?
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