Johan de Nysschen has revealed to WardsAuto that Cadillac has tested a new car in China with new styling and the Chinese love it more than anything GM has ever showed them.

The tall South African won't reveal the car, but does say it represents Cadillac's new styling direction.

From Wards:
Cadillac's next step is to evolve its hard-edged "Art and Science" styling theme and make it less severe. De Nysschen says they've tested a car in consumer clinics in China with new styling that got the highest scores of any GM vehicle evaluated there. He won't identify the car, but says it represents Cadillac's new look.
It's no secret that 'Art & Science' will be toned down in accordance with Chinese tastes and inputs--but just what is this mystery car?

There are two trends in China that could offer clues.

First, the SUV craze. Much like the rest of the world the Chinese are gobbling up high-riders with disproportionate frequency. As the rest of Chinese auto sales plunged south, SUV sales stayed stable. In fact SUV sales helped GM weather the storm in China last year as the bottom seemingly fell out from under the market.

GM China has plans to launch 60 new or refreshed vehicles over the next 5 years, 40 percent of which will be SUVs and multipurpose vehicles.

Granted, JDN could have been speaking about the XT5, but considering Cadillac's latest SUV made its mainland debut in early April the secrecy just doesn't square. Could it be another, smaller, Cadillac SUV? Maybe.


Secondly, China is one of the leading markets for electrification. Included in GM's 5-year, 60 car assault on China are plans for more than 10 "new energy" vehicles such as PHEVs and pure battery electric vehicles.

GM is involved in a $470 million project to build a EV factory in China, one that should be capable of producing 200,000 vehicles annually.

Because of the demand in China a second Cadillac PHEV could follow the same strategy as the CT6 plug-in.

"In China, we expect the Plug-In Hybrid to be a very significant portion of the car's consumer appeal. Given the vast majority of sales, close to 90 percent will take place in China, the Plug-In Hybrid CT6 will only be assembled in China, with a small quantity exported." said GM Shanghai product communications rep, Chad Lyons in an earlier statement.

Of course none of this is proof, we're only attempting to string dots together and speculate on the picture it forms. Is this the Delta based Cadillac we've been looking for?