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I would like to know all Ford manufacturing car plants'(not engine or presses) number of shifts they have right now and there maximum number of cars they can make.

Lets keep this thread for cars that for the American market.

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yeah, sorry, Ausrutherford

if you want to piece the info together yourself, maybe start HERE @
I found this recently
UAW-Ford list
can add Hermosillo, Mexico for the CD3's (Milan, Fusion, Zephyr),
St. Thomas, Ontario for the Panthers (GrandMarquis, TownCar, & now-non-retail CrownVic),
Oakville, Ontario for Edge & MKX and soon Flex & then MKT
then there's
some hearsay iirc that many plants' production is in the 100,000-140,000 range per shift per year.
Don't remember where I read that & no idea how accurate it is or how much variation is normal (either plant size/speed or overtime).
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