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What vehicles does GM make money on?

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I've read before that small vehicles, such as the Aveo and Cobalt, don't directly bring in revenue by themselves, but exist so a customer will hopefully "step up" into something that will bring GM money later on, or to satisfy dealers when they don't have a small car to sell :D. But then again Cobalt sales and transaction prices are way up.

I DO know that traditionally, pickups and SUVs were a good money maker. Even with sales are far down as they are is money still being made? How about like H2's?

How about like the SAABs? Uplanders? ASTRA's? G8's?
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Depends on how much of the profit they give away per vehicle.

Remember, we're talking about GM's profit, not the dealer's.

It's been reported the loss per vehicle on the Solstice/Sky is ten grand. Who gave the okay to go ahead on a vehicle that you lose ten grand on per unit? It would be cheaper to pay customers not to buy it.

I would say GM normally is profitable on full size SUV's and trucks. Corvettes are probably somewhat profitable, and Cadillac cars.
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