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What vehicles does GM make money on?

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I've read before that small vehicles, such as the Aveo and Cobalt, don't directly bring in revenue by themselves, but exist so a customer will hopefully "step up" into something that will bring GM money later on, or to satisfy dealers when they don't have a small car to sell :D. But then again Cobalt sales and transaction prices are way up.

I DO know that traditionally, pickups and SUVs were a good money maker. Even with sales are far down as they are is money still being made? How about like H2's?

How about like the SAABs? Uplanders? ASTRA's? G8's?
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Do the math
GM loses about 1 billion a month and sells about 700,000 vehicles a month...

Lets see negative 1 Billion divided by 700 thousand ...
GM loses about $1400 on every vehicle they sell...

What vehicles does GM make money on? The short answer is none of them.
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