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What should GM be making?

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What kind of car should GM be selling or have in the works? What I'm looking for here is something that GM doesn't currently sell but you think they should.

For example I would like to see a full size, affordable RWD convertible car with a strong V-8 (or at least a very powerful V-6). Nobody has made anything like this in decades (not counting big $ brands like Rolls Royce). I do believe something like this would sell quite well. They could have a hardtop 4-door version for volume sales. And while we're at it I would make a station wagon version as well.

The 300C is showing that people in general are not opposed to large RWD cars. GM would make a killing if they came out with a good large RWD car that had a convertible version. Buick Velite and the Zeta chassis can't get here fast enough for me.
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How about a Camaro? :)
I have almost exactly the same wishes. I want a car with the following specs:

- convertible
- 0-60mph in under 6s
- four seats (I have two kids that I need to cart around occasionally)
- manual transmission
- under $40k, preferably ~$30k

The only car that I have found to meet these specs is no longer being made. Maybe a GTO convertible will be available in a couple of years, but fornow I guess I'll have to look at used cars.

(I have owned a '92 Trans Am convertible for 12 years now and am in the market for an upgrade.)
Exactly LakeM GM has plenty even too many models already and a RWD V8 perfomance sleeper isn't going to bring them back to 50% market share.

I would like to see some sharing of lines but not 1 of everything for every line. that just makes the GM family it's biggest compition.

I believe Subaru isn't being used enough, a Pontiac based Legacy sedan\wagon in fwd\awd would be nice instead of a G6\G4. Leave Chevy alone with value based autos Malibus\Impalas\Cobalts.

Split Chev and GMC into 2 unique lines Avalanche-Denali and stop giving lines trucks that have never had trucks i.e. Saab\Buick

Bring Buick closer to an entry level Caddilac i.e. CTS V6 base as entry level or 1 above entry Buick.

Anyways just a thought and I am no auto expert but I do like the vehciles Ford is bringing I.E 500 FWD\AWD and Freestyle FWD\AWD followed by Futura? in FWD and maybe AWD
A mid-size, 2 dr, 4 seat, carbon-fiber monocoque chassis & body, front engine,(SC, Twin turbo or NA) DOHC V-8, AWD, 5 sp AT w/ optional 6 sp MT.
Pontiac needs a sports wagon (not cross-over!) -- it's version of something like a Audi Avant or BMW's Touring wagons. It should look cool, carry lots of stuff and have the option of serious power. Perhaps a low-volume companion car to the GP or GTO.

This would be far more appropriate to the brand than the Aztec or CSV!
Originally posted by LakeMichigan@Jun 28 2004, 03:50 PM
one thing I have seen on this forum, and I'm guilty of it as much or more so, but as with ANYTHING, we all seem to be very knowledgeable about HOW GM SHOULD BE, but there is very little reason, as to HOW...except for V8 and RWD, that is the running theme, and that is fine....I have seen MANY complain how GM interiors stink, what do you suggest????  I see LOTS of comments, but no suggestions!!!   
I really didn't intend for this thread to be a criticism of GM. I was just looking for some ideas on vehicles we like to see. I was specifically looking for things not already in the marketplace that GM could build to fill the void.
Originally posted by GN6@Jun 29 2004, 05:41 PM
A mid-size, 2 dr, 4 seat, carbon-fiber monocoque chassis & body, front engine,(SC, Twin turbo or NA) DOHC V-8, AWD, 5 sp AT w/ optional 6 sp MT.
Jeez, you don't want much... ;)
Originally posted by khanhdom@Jun 28 2004, 12:49 PM
How about a Camaro? :)
It's already in the works. ;)
I am pleased with GM's lineup.
The Impalas (large sedan, FWD) are selling quite well. The quality is praised and it appeals to a broad spectrum of customers.
The Cavalier could be the tuner's "car to have" if the aftermarket parts and structure of the car accomodates customizing. A small, friendly car with good pricing and high reliability would take the teen/young adult market away from the Japanese cars.
The truck line is as good as Ford's and Chrysler's.
GM has the vette-nothing more need be said.

The only mistake is the dropping of the Camaro and introduction of the GTO. The first would still have outsold the latter and GM could have a longer period of design time for a new GTO if they wanted to do one. The RWD, better handling coupe marketing questions could have been answered using the Camaro.
GM should be making cars that are easy enough for a shadetree mechanic to do his/her own basic maintenance. That means putting the oil filter and drain plug in an easily accessable place, going out of their way to make all spark plugs easily accessable, belts should be a breeze to change...and the engine bay layout should be the most simplest design possible. This means putting in the 4 cylinder engines in the right way around (with the intake side facing the front of the car, the exhaust side facing the rear), and placing components that wear out the fastest such that they're the easiest ones to access.

That would mean a LOT to me. There is no excuse for the current state of the engine bay design.
GM needs to make a midsize coupe. A car people will buy for the looks and the name like the Mustang. The Solstice looks good but it is only a two-seater. They should use the Kappa platform to design it but give it a rear seat. The base model should be under 20K. They could have optional V6 engines for those who want something under the hood also. But the move Ford is taking with the Mustang is bold and I know a lot of people who don't like the new design. It could be a good time for GM to capitalize.

Since most of you are negative I thought I would also list some things GM does have:

Avalanche/Escalade EXT
Envoy XUV
ALL the new Cadillacs
GMC Denali line
Chevy SS line
Pontiac GXP line
Quadrasteer Trucks
DOD engines
XM Radio

just to name a few
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