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What kind of work do you do?

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There was a "what do you do for a living" topic awhile back, but a lot of folks have joined since then, and wanted to take a more "scientific poll" approach to the question anyway. B)

I'm a project manager and systems architect at an eLearning company in SoCal, which puts me in the Information Technology category...
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I am retired. I fish, I play my guitar, I swim, I travel, I have a really good time for myself. I also go on this forum to bust GM beancounter/suits bleeps. I want GM to be what it once was car wise before 1975, ON TOP. Things are improving but I will not give those suits a days peace until the day of the Martini sipping, check cashing, lazy beancounter/suit is over at GM and GM (especially Chevy) is back on top.
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