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I first noticed this renaming of the Pontiac Bonneville GXP in the "Secrets of the Stuntmen" video.

It looks like Pontiac is sneakily renaming the Bonneville GXP as "GXP", which does not bode well for the whole GXP lineup that Pontiac "promised" to us at SEMA ages ago....there is also a car in Gran Turismo 4 that is named "Pontiac GXP"....


On the other hand, there was an "SS" concept, and the "ssR", so I suppose it doesn't preclude the use of the GXP name on other Pontiac vehicles. (Cobalt SS, Trailblazer SS coming up)

Regardless, it seems kinda silly, like "Honda Type R" as the name of a vehicle...or "Ford GT"....Ooops! :zippy:
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