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what do you guys think?

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ok guys my 2002 4 banger sonoma is just too slow for my daily driving habits. i have to run it hard just to merge into traffic half the time. so im starting to think of dabbing into the black art of fuel injection and turbocharging.
what do you guys think i ought to do. my trucks got 20k on the motor so i still got a ill wait another 16k till i do anything. but the point is this- do you tnink its worth it to spend 3000 bucks on a turbo with intercooler kit (machperfomance), or just say screw it trade my truck in for a new colorado with an inline 5. im debating this cause i still owe money on my sonoma and am in college so it aint like a got a lot of money. but i was wondering which one you guys would do.
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Personaly, since you havent paid off the truck yet wait on anything. Yeah its slow, but its a car. I like the turbo idea. I say you should keep the truck stock, pay it off, then when the colorado is out after a few years, pick up a slightly used one and Im sure there will some mods out for it by then if GM hasnt made a performance version yet.
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