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What did you want, what did you get?

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One thing I've learned thanks to GMI: every car I wanted really badly when I was approaching driving age is now considered really crappy by most of my peers here. :rolleyes:

So, allow me to tell you what they were, vs. what I actually got. I would also like to provide a vigorous defense of my tastes at the time, because, well, I want you all to like me! :unsure: :D

I'd be interested to know what you folks considered to be the car you really wanted (practically speaking, i.e. one that you could really have had), and what you ended up with.

In my case, keep in mind that I turned driving age in late 1984. There were a couple of cars I wanted really badly as my first car. Here they are in order of how badly I wanted them:

1. AMC Eagle Wagon 4x4
Come on, was there anything cooler than a personal-sized 4x4 like the Eagle? It was unique and beautiful to me. Still is. It also said "My compact may not be any bigger than your compact, but I've got all four wheels turnin' baby!".

2. Plymouth Reliant K
I'm not sure I can explain this one. I liked the personal size of the Reliant, but it was also a handsome car and it bespoke a maturity that I wanted to convey. I still think it's a good-looking little car, at least if you can find one in great condition. They sure didn't age well, though.

My dad hinted that he was going to buy one for me, so I even had a license plate all ready to go: "MY K CAR" quote Dennis Miller, "you know I got my a** kicked in High School".

In the end, my dad didn't buy me one :(. He couldn't make the deal he wanted, so I ended up with the hand-me-down: my mom's '76 Ford Granada.

I wasn't all that disappointed, though; in fact, I was quite proud of it once I took the keys. Like the Reliant, the Granada bespoke maturity, particularly sitting next to my friends' hand-me-down Toyotas and Datsuns. My Granada was white with a pretty red vinyl top. It had the Ghia package, so it had some nice luxury appointments that made it look like a Cadillac compared to cars my peers had. OTOH, it was still an old-fogey Granada, and mini trucks were all the rage anyway.

When I went to college, my dad bought me an '86 Nissan pick-up, and my dating life curiously improved. When I bought my own first car with my own money in 1990--it was a 1991 Camaro RS--my dating life improved that much more. Heck, I probably wouldn't be married today if it wasn't for that car. :blink: :D

...anyway, this is quickly turning into an autobiography, so I'll stop here. B)
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i turned driving age around 88,i was 16.. what i wanted was camaro or mustang 5.0. yes, i confess i wanted a mustang, little did i know in 04 the same mustang is still being made, with only sheetmetal changes. bought me a 1981 cadillac seville FWD v6, POS. kept it until around 1993, after tons of problems a twisted up tranny finally made me ditch it.. in 93, i got me a 1973 vw super beetle (super specified indepenant front suspension and larger curved windshield). i swear that bug got me more p**** then the cadi ever did. :D 1996, after years of faithful service, some b**** in a ford explorer ran a red light and totaled my bug.. used insurance claim to buy me an 84 mc.. from then on its only been cadi's and chevys..happily ever after!!

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Oh man!

I've told this before in another thread, but it's relevant here as well. The year was 1970, an I was with my Mom as we brought our new Pontiac LeMans Sport in for service. I saw a bright orange (Carousel Red, actually) car with a rumbling exhaust and a rear wing - a new GTO Judge. I asked my Mom how old you needed to be to drive. I was 4.

I quickly realized that the folks LeMans was similar to the GTO and hoped I would get it when I was 16. It helped that in the '70s, there were tons of A-bodies around with mags and a loud exhaust, so I was stoked that the basis for a cool car sat right in the driveway. Alas, Dad decided to trade in 1977 - on a new Camaro Type LT. That promptly became the car I wanted when I was 16.

Unfortunately, the F-body wasn't assembed with a great deal of care, and by father's love of the car quickly soured as stuff began to rattle and fall off. By 1979, he wanted something more like his old LeMans and traded the Camaro (MY Camaro!!) in on a new Cutlass. Yes, it had the 305 4bbl engine and was lighter than the Camaro. But, it was also far more square and upright - no replacement for the sleek Camaro in the eyes of a 12 year old!

I then turned my attention to my Mom's Mustang II. Not as sexy as the Camaro, but it did have a four-speed (though attached to a V6) and dual exhaust. Unfortunately, like many cars from the '70s, at seven years it was beginning to rust and use oil, so it too got traded in.

We ended up with a Mazda 626 - a car I actually spent a fair amount of time driving. Slow as all get out, but it handled very well. It was an excellent trainer - responsive enough to learn first hand about underteer and oversteer, but slow enough to keep me out of the weeds.

My own actual first car was a 1980 Mazda GLC Sport. It was even slower than the 626 (65 hp!), but it too handled really well. It weighed in at a little over 2000 lbs and was the last year for RWD, so it was a great car to continue my self-education of vehicle dynamics.

So, I never got my muscle car, nor my pony car, but I did develop an appreciation for small, light, good handling cars that continues to this day.
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For several years, I lusted for a 1986 Monte Carlo SS. Wanted to do all kinds of work on the car, engine swap, brakes, suspension, manual conversion, the whole deal. My heart still stops when I see one in good condition... always wanted one in jet black, tints, 3" drop, torque thrust II's, with an LS1 wedged in the engine bay. John Bzdel has a car very much like this, and I love him for it.

What did I end up with? My mom's old '91 civic. :(

But I treat like it deserves to be treated, no more, no less. It's an economy car, not a wannabe ferrari.

Next car will be the Solstice. :D
Wanted a Z28, got a Z24. <_<

The Z28 is coming one of these days!
The first car I wanted was the first Saturns. Convinced my parents to get it for me even before I got my license. My '91 SL2 kept me happy till 2000 when I really neede a new car. I looked for over 1 year. I knew I wanted a sport sedan and it had to be mid-sized. I was getting kind of cramped in the Saturn. So after researching, test driving lots of cars (Grand Prix GTP, Bonneville SSE, A6, 530i, S-Type, ES300, Catera, STS) I practically gave up. Driving home from work one day, I was passed by a red Saab 9-5 Aero, my jaw dropped, and I kept pace with the car for the rest of my commute home (about 20 minutes). About a month later, I had the car in my garage, after the dealer finally found the one I wanted and had it shipped from Seattle. According to them, it was the only black on black 9-5 Aero on the West Coast at that time. :lol:

Almost 4 years and 75K miles later, the only problem I have with the car is that my insurance has gone up (and not because of a bad driving record either). Allstate said that "it's expensive to insure the 9-5 in my area." Hmm.. 3 years later, they finally realize that and decide to DOUBLE my premiums? ($550 to $1100 / 6 mos). So I switched providers but still pay $750/6 mo. Oh well. Still love my car.
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I turned 16 in 92. I wasn't much into cars at the time and all I really wanted was something with an engine and 4 wheels. I got a hand me down from my Dad. He was a Pilot and used to have to commute to Los Angeles to fly. He had bought a 89 Sundance Turbo 2.5L while out there and I got it when he started working closer to home.

The car was really a blast to drive. Not a lot of muscle at 150HP, but it did have some really good torque (around 170ft-lbs I think). And it only weighed around 2700 to boot! My friends weren't all that wild about the bright yellow color, but I didn't care. Loved that car. Unfortunately it died an embarassing death. Leaking oil the engine let loose and it promptly comited suicide. 1 engine later we sold it.

I graduated college and wanted something that was at least as much fun as the Sundance. I almost settled on a ZX2. It's not too bad if you don't mind the lousy transmission and an engine that seems like it will shake itself off it's mounts at any minute.

Tried the probe too...that was a total put off!

Finally settled on a 3800 Camaro in Bright Green, T-tops, and nuetral interior. One drive and I was hooked! That was traded in a few years later on my current ride...1996 Camaro Z28 "Arrest Me Red"
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I got my license in 1990 and wanted a muscle car or a '65 Lincoln Continental more than anything.

My mother and grandmother knew that I had the lead foot, so they got together and bought a new Toyota truck for me before I saved enough money at my fast food job to buy a car. I'm no ingrate, so I didn't complain. I drove it with a smile, knowing that the car I wanted would come later.

The Toyota turned out to be a piece of crap and I sold it off after 3 years, replacing it with a '94 GMC 1500 extra cab long bed. That truck rocked and if I find another one like it in the near future, it'll find it's way into my garage next to the M5. :)

And one day... I'll find the muscle car or Continental and add it to the collection. :)
Back in 1988 I was 17 and wanted to get my first car. Either a new Z28 Camaro or 5.0L Mustang.
My parents certainly would not pay anything or co-sign for a loan, so I was on my own. I asked about spending my own money, as I had been working for about a year, but they still didnt want me to have a car. Apparently they didnt think I needed one, and should save my money for something else.
So I waited, looking around at different cars. I saw some that were 4-5 years old and thought I could manage that on my own. I had my eye on a red '84 Accord hatchback, a little rusty but I knew it would hold up for a while.
But that night I went by the dealership and saw another car that looked nice, an '85 Chrysler Daytona Turbo. It was a trade in that they didnt want to sell off the lot. I knew they werent the best, so I hoped to get it cheap, which I did - $3000 Canadian. Love that old Chrysler depreciation. :lol:
It was in the driveway when my parents came home, so they let me keep it.
That car got me and my friends around for 5 years until I sold it to my friend who soon wrecked it.
I had a lot of fun and learned quite a bit about fixing cars (3 engines went in it) and life in general.
It was a great first car :D
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I started driving in 99. The first vehicle I ever wanted was a late 80's Toyota truck. There was this really sweet one around that was lifted. That was all I wanted for a while.

Then, I saw a 97 Eclipse GSX. I really wanted one of them. I researched so much stuff about DSM's so I knew what I could do when I bought one. When I started looking for a 97-99, they were way out of my price range.

Finally, I found this 88 Camaro. V6 with a 5 speed and t-tops. I was hooked. That was all I wanted. Any third gen would do. I didn't have a job, so I couldn't get that 88. As time went on, I began narrowing my third gen search from any Camaro, to only an IROC with a L98. Finally, in September 99, I found my 89 IROC. I sold it right when I graduated though. I miss that car, but i'm happy with my 01 Z :)
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Originally posted by demonspeed@Jan 22 2004, 05:26 PM
I started driving in 99.  The first vehicle I ever wanted was a late 80's Toyota truck.  There was this really sweet one around that was lifted.  That was all I wanted for a while.
A Toyota truck huh...hmmmm, well my brother is selling his..1982 show truck. Buick V6 in it. That truck turned heads everywhere he went.

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VEHICLE TYPE: Front engine, rear wheel drive, two
passenger, two door coupe
DIMENSIONS: Wheel base(101 in.) Length(189.8 in.)
Width(72 in.) Height(37.2 in.)

ENGINE TYPE: Knight Industries turbojet with modified

TRANSMISSION: 8 speed microprocessor turbodrive with auto
pilot (needs no driver)

STEERING: TYPE> Modified rack-and-pinion
TURN-CIRCLE> 2ft. with rocket assist
BRAKES: Type- Electromagnetic hyper-vacuum disc

CHASSIS/BODY-- TYPE>Unit construction
BODY MATERIAL>Classified (compound is
virtually indestructible)

PRICE NEW: $11,400,000 est.

ACCELERATION: 0-60mph>.2 seconds with power boosters
Standing 1/4 mile>[email protected]
BRAKING: 14ft.(70-0 mph)

FUEL ECONOMY: Classified (to avoid heart attacks in Detroit)

ACCESSORY FEATURES: Operationally controlled by the Knight
Industries 2000 microprocessor. Features include: Auto
Cruise, Auto Pursuit, Auto Collision Avoidance (with
over-ride option), and Emergency Eject. Knight 2000
microprocessor is equipped with a computer "voice," known as
"KITT." Complete audio/video in-dash entertainment/
surveillance capabilities including radar, sonar, and x-ray.


What I got: A hand me down Chrysler New Yorker. At least it talked! :D

"A door is ajar"
"your fuel is low"
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Originally posted by Ming@Jan 22 2004, 09:31 PM
What I got:  A hand me down Chrysler New Yorker.  At least it talked!  :D
What year New Yorker was it? One of the prettiest cars Detroit ever produced IMO is the '79 - '82 Chrysler New Yorker. Was that the one what you had?
Originally posted by IMPALAon20s@Jan 22 2004, 01:03 PM
.. from then on its only been cadi's and chevys..happily ever after!!

Do you still have the '81 Seville listed in your signature? Any pictures?
I wanted a 3rd gen Firebird Formula :krider: when I got my license...ended up with a 1987 4dr Toyota Corolla that was falling apart :angry: . Wrecked it and bought a 1980 Olds Cutalss Supreme with the Toy's remains :D threw a 383 in it and hunted Mustangs till I lost my L's due 2 boredom and a heavy left foot :smile: . After I was forced 2 parkl it someone who knew what and where it was stole it :angry: .
I wanted at the time a 96 Z28 with the 6spd in black when I got my first vehicle of my own at the age of 16. Instead I ended up buying a 5spd, 91 S-10.......... which turned out to be one of the best purchases I've ever made. You could not kill the thing, and it never game me any trouble aside from the idler pulley going out after 250k miles.... Original factory idler pulley btw!
Depends on my age.
16yrs- Anything that had a motor.
23 years- Plymouths' Fury (1970), 1970 Camaro or Grand Prix and a 1937 Oldsmobile custom that was sitting at a gas station. In the end, I had a Gremlin X that I drove while in the army. I opted out on the Olds when I was told that the owner was in jail (for a long time).
Then a long hibernation since the vehicles being mfr'd were econoboxes.
The 90's come along and the Mustangs are given a well needed makeover (honestly, the dash boards in those late 80's Mustangs are the ugliest ever designed). The Camaros are looking good.

One of the reasons for selling my Nova was that my brother-in-law's Maverick was so much quicker. I figured that I needed a lighter car. Now, the passion to burn the rubber is second to a nice ride so I opted for more of a cruiser-the Monte Carlo (although the new vettes really catch my eye-I'm not that dead).
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Originally posted by coolcaddy+Jan 22 2004, 10:12 PM--></div><table border='0' align='center' width='95%' cellpadding='3' cellspacing='1'><tr><td>QUOTE (coolcaddy @ Jan 22 2004, 10:12 PM)</td></tr><tr><td id='QUOTE'> <!--QuoteBegin-IMPALAon20s@Jan 22 2004, 01:03 PM
.. from then on its only been cadi's and chevys..happily ever after!!

Do you still have the '81 Seville listed in your signature? Any pictures? [/b][/quote]
nope, reverse in tranny went out, still tried to drive it, engine blew.. sat in driveway for about a year til some kid bought it from me for $500. never did have pictures of it, but it is exactly as the picture i showed except a champagne color.
Originally posted by SS4EVER@Jan 22 2004, 08:33 PM
A Toyota truck huh...hmmmm, well my brother is selling his..1982 show truck. Buick V6 in it. That truck turned heads everywhere he went.
I am looking for a 4wd for the winter, though i'm not looking for something that done up. I'd like a 92-94 K5 or a 98-03 ZR2 possibly. I'm a die hard Chevy guy after my stint with the Mustang.
Originally posted by coolcaddy+Jan 22 2004, 10:11 PM--></div><table border='0' align='center' width='95%' cellpadding='3' cellspacing='1'><tr><td>QUOTE (coolcaddy @ Jan 22 2004, 10:11 PM)</td></tr><tr><td id='QUOTE'> <!--QuoteBegin-Ming@Jan 22 2004, 09:31 PM
What I got:  A hand me down Chrysler New Yorker.  At least it talked!   :D
What year New Yorker was it? One of the prettiest cars Detroit ever produced IMO is the '79 - '82 Chrysler New Yorker. Was that the one what you had? [/b][/quote]
I actually can't recall, it was so many years ago (and I wasn't a big car nut then). I'm guessing it was around 1983. It was stubby looking compared to the previous generation. It was chocolate brown, and lasted a good 10 years with minimal care (I hardly ever even changed the oil). I do remember it being a big deal that it "talked" when my parents bought it, so that feature must have been new, and yes, it was a great looking car, even with the vinyl top and "stubbiness" and all.

I got it as a hand me down in the late 80's and I believe they kept it until 1992 or so.

It looked something like this:

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