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Alright, we've found out your age, what you do for a living, your favorite GM brand, and even if you would take a bullet!

Now let's find out what your hobbies are or what you do in the little spare time you have.


I enjoy listening to music (rock, rap, & R&B), I also like going to or renting movies (comedies, suspence, and horror movies), games are always entertaing (have a PS2 and play on free games sites on the internet), I keep up with politics (right-of-center for me), and my favorite thing of all is being around or looking up cars (I read about them for about an hour or more a nite. I also maintain two websites- one being for my Dad's business & the other for a Local Pontiac-GMC Club I belong to:

So what do you do!? :D

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I like to play with my kids.
I like to fish.
I like to watch movies.(just watched lord of the rings return of the king)good movie
I like to read up on chevy and pontiac vehicles
I like to drive my chevy and pontiac vehicles.
I like to get into forums online(concerning gm vehicles)
I would like more spare time to enjoy my hobbies more often.

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I play a lot of softball. I also like to ride my bicycle. I just got a new TREK 4500 a few months ago. I'll be upgrading it soon (wheels, crank, brakes, etc).
I do collect NASCAR diecast, but I've kind of gotten out of it this year.
I just bought my first home, so there's plenty to do there.....

By the way, I never posted on the other topics, so I'll fill you in.
I'm 27-years-old.
I am a piping designer. I work for a large engineering firm and I do work for one of the largest oil companies in the world. I basically help design new units that manufacture all sorts of chemicals.
My favorite brand is Chevrolet.

I do like hard rock. Mainly from the 80's and early 90's.
Top three bands:
#1. Megadeth
#2. Alice In Chains
#3. Iron Maiden

That sums it up!

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Soccer twice per week for the outdoor seasons and once per week when the indoor season starts (although I will probably drop indoor in favor of more weight training since the indoor game is hard on the knees).

Reading- I am currently going through "Prime Obsession" by Derbyshire. A book regarding Bernhard Riemann's Prime Number Theorem. Reviewing the math in the book has been good since engineers never touch complex functions after college.

Fishing-but I really suck. I guess I take it more as relaxation than being serious about it. I fish with my son but his present workload has made it difficult for the 2 of us to get together.

My wife has me enslaved to her garden. So, this weekend, I've got to finish early so I can catch some local auto shows (if it doesn't rain). I don't tell her that I don't mind the work-anything to be outside in the good weather.

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Working on my WS6 to increase performance.
Take WS6 to track.
Play with kids.
Spend time with wife.
Playing Spades.
Collector of Die cast cars and coins and swords.
Working on computers and networks, also my job.
Working in yard, landscaping.
Movies and reading (I just got the 3rd Lord of the Rings yesterday and plan on watching it tomorrow).
And, forums (of course).


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What? All that you dont mention Pink Floyd?! ;)

Besides being into cars (racing, engineering, normal car guy stuff), I'm a drummer but not in a band currently. I mostly like older rock. Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd, Iron Maiden, Pre-Alcohol Rehab Metallica. (It seems like the drunker they were, the better the music. St. Anger is total crap.)

And I go to school... Currently finishing my freshman year.

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Politics...politics...local politics, you've gotta elect someone down here.
Since I'm in Palm Beach, you gotta go to the beach.
What else do I do? Read, write, boring stuff.
Yawn, I'm getting tired....

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listen to lots of music: especially death metal I have probably more than 12k songs...
driving my cars
read about bikes, cars, planes (ww2)
home audio, car audio
some sports

doh, I'm fooling no one... drinking beer and listen to music, kinda like homer simson, but without the tv-hehe-

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I have a CTS-V, who the hell needs a hobby?! :lol: :D

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Things I play/do:

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