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TA there isnt enough bandwith for what you think is wrong.

This thread more or less goes along with my What do you think about GM thead, but it focuses more on the negitive. What are some things that GM is missing out on? Again, be reasonable here. Saying the Solstice should get a quad turbo V12 isnt a good point.

I think GM needs to get on the ball with 5spd and 6spd autos. I know they have the 1 5spd, but not enough to handle the power of teh small blocks. When is GM gunna make a 5L65E. What happend to the 6spd project with ford?
Also, Id like to see some AWD cars. Maybe saturn could get an AWD car? And AWD Cobalt with a 2.0 turbo'ed motor would make a great car. How about if the Impalla goes RWD on the Sigma lite, could it get AWD?
Also, OHC V8's other then the northstar. Its tough for me to say it, but we need them. What happend to the 4.0 olds motor? That would go great in a few buicks. Something smooth, and refined with some power. Also for SUV's too.
Styling is also key. GM has been moving twards better styling IMO. I know they cant please everyone, but out of all the cars GM makes, its gunan strike a cord or 2 with someone. I would like for them to continue to design more cars with attitude. They dont have to be in your face hood scoops and fender flares, but something that doesnt look like your usual box with wheels. Styling is what catches your eye and makes you want to know more about the car.

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Two things:

First, GM has too many car lines that are simply not competitive in their class. I think it needs to weed down the number of lines it sells, focus what's left and make damn sure they are strongly competitive with the offerings from other car makers.

I do think that making every division a full line maker has squandered engineering and marketing budgets so that many cars end up being comprimised, half hearted efforts. Probably the only brand that really needs to offer a full line of cars and trucks is Chevrolet. The others need to pick a specific niche and dominate it.

The second thing relates to the first thing: GM needs to create a roadmap for each car that includes regular updates and redesigns. The company has a terrible history of bringing a car to market that is moderately competitive, they letting it die on the vine -- selling basically the same car year after year with minimal upgrades. After 6 or 7 (or ten) years, the comany brings out a new model that it promises will dominate the market, only to begin the cycle again. You can't let your offerings become uncompetitive (especially for years at a time) and expect to sell on anything other than price and incentives. Make ongoing development part of the business plan and watch GM once again become synonomous with "best car in the class."

GM is showing that it is making progress on both fronts, so there is hope. But, I'm old enough to have seen it make many attempts to become competitive before, only to fall on its face (i.e. in the mid 80's GM had just released the improved Corvette, had competitive F-bodies and the Pontiac 6000 STE, and an ever-improving Fiero and seemed poised for greatness ...) after a few years of success, so I'm waiting to see what happens.
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