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No new information here, but some neat Schwarzeneggar-style comments from Cadillac GM Mark LaNeve, (entire article appears below, here's the source):

Cadillac manager says brand is marketing to a mind-set

By Barbara Wieland
Lansing State Journal

Cadillac segment chief Mark LaNeve answers a few questions about the brand.

Who is the target market for the new generation of Cadillac?

We're not targeting an age as much as a mind-set. Obviously, our target is going to be an affluent customer. ... I don't care if they're 90 or 16.

Are Cadillac vehicles starting to steal business away from competitors such as BMW and Mercedes-Benz?

We have gained share in every segment we compete in over the last two years. We're taking it from somebody. Our dealers say they're seeing more import (trade-ins), especially for the SRX.

What does Cadillac have to do to keep up its momentum?

Two things in terms of products. We're going to do more series like the (high performance) V series on the CTS. ... But then we've got to regain the trust of the American consumer. We had a poor quality reputation in the '80s and '90s. We fixed that years ago, but perception hasn't caught up with reality.

How does Lansing factor into that goal?

Lansing Grand River builds great products for us. That plant was No. 2 in J.D. Power's quality (survey) last year, and the (Lansing-made) CTS itself was the No. 2 in quality.

You've said you want Cadillac to produce more vehicles in the $75,000 to $100,000 range. Is there a market for that kind of car?

We're sold out on the ($75,000) XLR in the first year of production. There's a waiting list at the dealerships for them. They get them off the truck, and dealers hope the buyer won't pick them up for a few days so they'll have it in the showroom

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wow, that XLR sounds like its really doing a great job. I keep seeing mroe and more comparisons with the XLR and SRX in them, and the the both usualy finish in the top 2 spots. Caddy hit it right on the head and the CTS V and STS should be no different.

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So what level Cleric does it take to resurrect a four-year old thread?
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