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Instead of just piping up on car and technical issues, I thought I would put some items on the table for general discussion. Heaven knows that I've been tweaking the noses of the pro 04 GTO crowd long enough. So, here goes;

Last Sunday's newspaper covered an article about the selling of children for labor purposes. It seems that families (Macedonia, African nations, etc) will sell out their children (some as young as 5) to work. Just the fact that they are wrenched from their familial environment is bad enough but then to be subjected to harsh working conditions is very disturbing.
Now, Michael Jackson is under arrest for child molestation. Why isn't something said about the parents if this has been an ongoing situation? What's the difference between this question and the preceding paragraph? Why did the law enforcement agencies patiently wait until Mike had some free time?

The other nations turn up their noses at our president(s) yet they are awed by a family of average (at the high level) to misfits (nadir) whose only claim is that they were born into a certain family? The only time you hear of Prince Charles is when he has been caught sleeping with somebody other than his wife? The queen tries to keep her house in order but it seems that she is the ringleader for a circus. Just food for the tabloids. It's interesting since this same country has turned out so many strong and charismatic prime ministers (Churchill, Thatcher, Blair-who will be found to be greater than the current world situation shows).

I have just finished McCullough's biography on John Adams and Thomas Jefferson's autobiography as told through his letters. Where are such people now? Maybe we should start looking in another barrel (other than the movies) for our legislatures? Oh, another great book is Duel; the Aaron Burr-Alexander Hamilton conflict. Just look at the candidates for California's governorship.

What happened to technical schools in the US? After reading articles about grade inflation in the universities, I wonder if our higher level education is being watered down. Will a college education be mandatory in the future? Maybe with the exodus of manufacturing from the US there will be a two-tier society rather than a broad, stable economically based population?

Who the hell gives a crap about a baseball that bounced off somebody's arm during the Cub's pennant chase? Yet an item such as this is worth $thousands. How about a piece of Elvis' hair (if proveable)?

Why pay a sweat shirt manufacturer a premium price to advertise the mfrs name across your chest? Remember the old charicatures of a man walking the streets with an "EAT AT JOES" billboard? Isn't this the same? Why sew in those damned shirt tags in the inside of the collar and (worse yet) make them out of the itchiest material created by man?

Who can sit through more than 5 minutes of one of those bachelor shows without getting up and saying "this is a bunch of s---? Who does not like Kenny Blankenship's "Don't Get Eliminated"?
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