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Weaker Dollar + Better Market + New Product =?

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Japanese exporters are also becoming more vocal about the yen's strength, which makes their products more expensive abroad.

Toyota Motor President Fujio Cho said Tuesday that the yen currently appears " a bit too strong" against the dollar.

Neil Jones, director of foreign-exchange sales in London at Nomura International, said it surely can't be long before euro-zone exporters start to protest the euro's strength, too.

GM had problems with its pension plans and a sour stock market. That appears to be improving.

GM had little new product until recently, with Chevy lots filled with aged models. That is changing.

GM and Detroit complained about the weak Yen, and now the Yen is at 106 to the dollar, when it was 135 only a couple of years ago. That means less R&D money for Toyota to spend on Japanese engineers for each Camry sold.

Does this all add up to a GM revival in market share? What do you think?
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Indeed- I think it will help. The weaker dollar has got to be upsetting Japanese automakers. The much weaker yen is one thing that allowed them to be so competitive. The Japanese government has done much to try to keep the yen weak-- it's crossed over into a level that I think is wrong- but what can be done to fix it? Weak dollar = good thing for GM. Exports will be more profitable and the Japanese automakers will be less profitable with exports to the US.
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