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They knew the lines were "rusty" because pretty much every car that comes in their probably has them. ( Or at least that certain model ) With all the cars they see, they know what a lot of the common problems, or easy sales are.

They are called up-sales, get a customer in for one thing, and hit them for something else. These are very common with quick lube places. That is how they make a majority of their money. They don't make much on a $19.95 oil change, but they do on a $59.95 fuel system service or a $25.99 fuel filter.

On my old truck, I once took it in to get the front brake pads replaced ( I lived in an apartment, no tools or space to do it myself ) They replaced the pads but then said my master cylinder needed to be rebuilt or replaced and wouldn't let me leave with it in this condition. Oh yeah, a new one costs about $540. Sounds a little familiar huh? I fought tooth and nail to get my truck back without them touching it. I even had to talk to the owner to get it back. They even voided my warranty because the brakes future was deemed "unsafe".

I get the truck home and examine the master cylinder. The seal between the booster and firewall has a leak and it was loosing a little pressure. I could barely notice it in the brake pedal. I went down to my local napa and paid $12.95 for a new seal, and an hour later the truck was just fine. Oh yeah, I put another 40,000 miles on it without any problems whatsoever.

Some of these places will try to rob you.
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