Tucked away near the end of a nondescript industrial drive in Sterling Heights, Michigan, is a classic car gold mine.

The GM Heritage Center is unlike any other place on earth, housing a vast array of General Motors vehicles, products that shaped this corporation's history and the history of the automotive industry as a whole. Measuring some 81,000 square feet, this facility is also home to an extensive archive of brochures, manuals, and other important documents and artifacts.

The cars and trucks contained herein run the gamut from early horseless carriages to concept models, muscle machines to products from defunct brands. There's practically something from every model range, division, and era.


Even though around 200 vehicles are displayed at any given time in this facility, the GM North American Heritage Collection contains some 600 different cars and trucks, and this is by no means a fixed sum. More models are always being added to better represent the company's history.

Despite its location in a major Detroit suburb, the GM Heritage Center is not open to the public, so you can't just waltz in and take a tour whenever it fits your schedule. Despite restricted access, it's still possible to gain access, without committing the crime of breaking and entering. Organizations can reserve the museum for private events, tours and other gatherings. They're happy to accommodate groups from a dozen to more than 500 people.


To help celebrate the 2017 Woodward Dream Cruise, GM opened the Heritage Center to select media for an in-depth look at what's on display in this normally forbidden place, make sure to click through the photo gallery above. You won't be disappointed!

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