Somewhat inevitably, the reveal of the GMC Hummer has been delayed. Initially set to debut on May 20, GMC announced today that the reveal was being delayed indefinitely.

"While we cannot wait to show the GMC Hummer EV to the world, we will reschedule the May 20th reveal date," the company wrote in a statement. "In the meantime, the team's development work continues on track and undeterred. We invite all to stay tuned for more stories on this super truck's incredible capability leading up to its official debut."

So far, there have been no reports of production being delayed-reports yesterday suggested that the big three will get back to work on May 18-so, for now, it seems that GMC is just waiting for people to be able to gather again before it shows off the Hummer.

A new teaser, though, shows that unlike the Lincoln EV SUV, the Hummer will go on "undeterred."