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Way to go Scion

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Scion's Smart Strategy (From AutoWeek)

Well, I don't know about you, but I think by replacing models instead of redesigning them might just be a good idea. It gives buyers the ability to buy new products and like them. Scion will replace them (xB to what???). Here at GMI, you might be criticizing Scion, but their approach is 2x (if not 4x) better than Saturn's approach (by creating minivans, for the young adults???)
Scion has a great approach to get buyers. xB buyers will look at the replacement, and go WOW, and buy that, and keep it for the next few years, and continue to go with other replacements, again, and again. By the way, 2006/7 would be a great year for a Scion replacement.
Way to go, Scion
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an xB by any other name...

they'd foolish to try and replace something like the xB with, say, a 2-seat roadster. but if they're just starting over with a new design of the same type of vehicle, s'no big deal. i think it's in their best interest to at least offer a comparable vehicle when time for a redo though. i guess an updated version doesn't matter, but i would think they should aim to offer some sort of continuity in their products. as for naming, i don't care. grand am or G6... cobalt or cavalier... doesn't matter to me, as long as the vehicles are top of their class.
I think the idea is that Scion is a starter company, they seek the younger generation and don't intend on many repeat buyers, in fact the whole purpose of Scion is to get people into a Toyota-like vehicle for less without diminishing the Toyota name and getting them moving into the Toyota family and later into Lexus. The idea of changing models instead of upgrading is great for this segment and allows Scion to always have something "new and cool" and allows their new cars to be much more fresh then say a face-lifted cavilier.
Scion is for younger buyers. As they get older, they will go to Toyota, until they're rich enough to buy a Lexus. It is a smart-deal for Toyota, and I congratulate them. They are doing a better job then GM. GM is Saturn to Saturn/ Chevrolet/ Buick/Pontiac/GMC to Cadillac/Saab?!?! Saturn is making more-expensive vehicles now like Relay, VUE, and L300!!! That is the problem with GM. Too much brands.
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