Features! They're exciting! They get people into the dealership! But they don't always work.

Take, for example, the Mustang's fancy dragstrip mode. Even in the hands of a former Le Mans driver, it can do nothing to keep up with the same vintage Camaro.

In this track test from the UK's Fifth Gear, Tiff Needell (of Le Mans and BTCC fame) goes up against Jason Plato (of slightly more recent BTCC fame) race the pony cars head to head.

After going through the Mustang's extensive start procedure, Needell sets the revs too high and the Camaro takes off. In a second race, with the launch control set to fewer revs, he spins the wheels off the start again and the Camaro wins it.

Finally, Needell shuts everything off and still can't win against the more powerful, lighter Camaro that never once needed to use launch control.

Okay, so maybe it isn't an indictment of launch control so much as it is a good old fashioned celebration of the Camaro.

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