Boost is a tricky thing. It seems like free power, but too much of a good thing can have dire consequences, as the owner of this 1,300 hp Corvette found out.

While the amount of boost that a given engine can run is a less than steady mark, it turns out that you run the risk of bursting your LS7 intake manifold if you run more than 26 psi.

This video shows the 'Vette deliberately being pushed on the dyno trying to get it up above 1,400 hp. The exploding manifold causes the injectors to unseat, which dumps fuel into the cylinders, causing the flamethrower effect you see there.

Fortunately, the videographer is quick with the fire extinguisher, saving the engine from irreparability and by the next day it's back and running again.

To solve the failing intake, the owner figures a billet intake will be required.

The guys admit that they were playing past the limits of what the LS7 is known to be able to handle, but this remains a valuable lesson in why those limits are there.