Being lucky enough to do the thing you love doesn't necessarily mean you're lucky enough to do it to the standards you'd like. But Jonathan Ward is. So it says a lot that he was so impressed by the results of this 1952 Chevrolet Styleline that he tried to buy it back from the person he built it for.

The car was found in New Mexico, where it had been sitting on a military base since the '50s. ICON installed a small block and did its usual magic, making this look like as close to original as possible, while installing as many modern amenities as possible.

That means modern (sorta) audio, electric windows (that are operated from the roll-up window handles), a tachometer that looks like a clock, crocodile leather tanned in the same color as JFK's Hermes suitcase, and a whole bunch more.

The results were fantastic, but were completed in 2012 and were completed on such a tight timeframe that Ward didn't have the time to film a video.

Now, though, the car is back to get modernized again. This time, Ward wants to replace the steering wheel with a more era-appropriate replacement, change the audio to Bluetooth, and maybe fiddle with the window switches.

So impressed was Ward by the result, though that he admits he tried to buy it back for his own personal collection. Sadly-actually, not so sadly for ICON, but still-the owner didn't want to give it up. But he did watch Ward's video, which is what inspired to bring it back in for an update.