We've seen the ZR1 hit its 212 mph top speed, Jay Leno has driven it over 200 mph on a banked circuit, and owners are treated to track driving lessons at Spring Mountain circuit in Nevada, but the Corvette has always been a real car, not a hypercar destined to see two miles of actual road use per year.

Unlike the Lamborghinis, Paganis, and other garage queens, how the ZR1 behaves on a real road with real people matters. So how is it in the real world? "So good," according to Jay Leno.

Leno invites the ZR1 around to his now famous garage for a closeup look and quick rip around the block and aside from looking like a rocket ship, it goes like one, too. Pulling hard from every stop and making good use of every one of it 755 horses.

Better yet, since all owners are given track lessons, these cars' exits from cars and coffees likely won't end in tears like a Mustang's would.