Oh, hello. Cadillac's back in New York, baby! And just like last time, it's being led by people who know as much about cars as they do about popular culture.

Driven by Awkwafina (not the one from BoJack Horseman?), rather than Johann de Nysschen, the tour is again being given by out of touch New Yorkers who claim to have access to great taste: George St Geegland and Gil Faizon.

Despite describing themselves as the equivalent of walking past a travel agent and thinking "what?" and despite having little to nothing to say about the XT4 they're driving, the pair to take you for a humorous tour of the city, explaining how to drive like a taxi driver.

The characters are, of course, from Nick Kroll and John Mulaney's riotously funny "Oh, Hello" show on Br'dway.

That presumably means that Cadillac's next weird tour of a city will be with the Detroiters. At least they have some experience selling cars.