Yesterday we pretty much found out what the C8 Corvette will look like, and now we know what it'll sound like thanks to a video uploaded by Jalopnik.

The video features the same test cars as yesterday running laps around Germany's fearsome Nurburgring and the sound quality it pretty solid so you get a pretty good idea of what the engine note will be.

With speculation about the engine still rampant this audio is interesting, if less than definitive.

Compared to the ZR1, the sound is a little muted, though that might not be shocking.

And compared to the Z06 it's a little less rippy and raspy. It should hardly come as a surprise that the a mid-engine car wouldn't sound quite like a front-engine one (even if they had the same engine) since the exhaust setup would naturally change.

What is surprising, though, it that the C8 does sound quite a bit like the standard C7, to our ear.

Since we don't have audio of Cadillac's new twin-turbo V8, we unfortunately can't compare the two, but we look forward to speculating wildly about that, too.

While our audio sleuthing isn't anything to go on, based on sound alone, we wouldn't call 6.2-liter pushrod V8 at the center of the C8 impossible.