Another video of the mid-engine Corvette has surfaced, showing the C8 accelerating from a stop. The pulls vary in intensity, with the 'Vette breaking traction on the second run.

Unfortunately, the video doesn't reveal much about what's causing the acceleration-be it a standard push-rod V8 or a DOHC unit-but as in previous videos does seem to indicate that the car will be powered by a V8 paired to an automatic or dual-clutch transmission.

The video gives us another look at the taillights, too, which appear to be LEDs. The rest, though, is about as camouflaged as ever.

Our own investigators dug up cad drawings of a twin-turbo DOHC V8 that rumors suggest will churn out up to 800 hp, but Chevy's still being tight-lipped about what it's slotting in behind the seats. Or when it plans to reveal it. Or that it's making it at all. So let's just hope that the rumors suggesting they'll reveal it this summer were true.