One of my earliest memories is of a cold grocery store parking lot at night. I saw a C4 Corvette's headlights rise from the hood and light up. That's when the Corvette became my favorite car. 

As an adult, I know that the Corvette's pop-up headlights weren't particularly special or new, but I also know that I loved them. It was the coolest thing I'd ever seen up to that point.

It's hard to know why we fall in love with some cars, but sometimes it just has to do with a car being around us when we're young. That's the case with this Corvair Monza.

Owner Christopher Mejia first got to know this car as a little kid when his grandfather would take him to school in it a couple times a week. He says he waited excitedly for the days when he got a ride in it because of how cool he thought it was.

After his grandpa died, it made its way through the family to Chris, who has modified it to its current state of excellence.