The eCOPO Camaro is Chevrolet's first crack at an electric drag racer and with slicks in the back and pizza cutters up front, it can pull a real wheelie. 

According to the video description, the eCOPO hit 60 in just 1.6 seconds, which might explain the front-lifting performance. It also achieves a quarter-mile time of 10.142 seconds, which is very fast.

But not ridiculously fast. The video claims that this is the first ever run down a track for the car and that it was only running at 80% power. so expect to see more from the eCopo as the team anticipates it'll get down into the nines.

The eCopo is based on the COPO Camaro and was designed in partnership with team Han**** and Lane Racing. It makes 700 hp and 600 lb-ft of torque all of which is available from 0 RPM, which is why it's such a rocket off the line