Robert Downey Jr gives better gifts than you do. The Marvel star is apparently fond enough of his co-star, Chris Evans (Captain America, Scott Pilgrim Vs the World), to not just buy him a '67 Camaro, but to send it to Speedkore to have it resto-modded.

The Milwaukee-based company worked closely with Downey Jr, to make sure that the aesthetic was just how he wanted it.

Not being much of a car guy, though, they all decided that Evans would probably be better off with a 400-odd hp LS3 V8. A few months later, though, Evans decided that more is more and Speedkore added a 2.9-liter Whipple supercharger to the equation.

Apparently it's all good for around 730 hp, which as Leno points out "could get you into trouble quick."

And although there are some… questionably choices (like that Honda CR-V-style gear-selector) the provenance and the Captain America shield at the centre of the steering probably make up for that.

Whatever your feelings about the car, though, the fact remains that this was the first step on Chris Evans' path to car fandom (he's now looking at some other cars to add to his collection), which is cool.