It's time for another Retro Review from MotorWeek and this time the featured car is the 1989 Corvette L98, which doesn't feel quite as retro as you might expect. As MotorWeek put it, this was the Corvette to get to soften the blow of missing out on the ZR1.

Powered by the 5.7-liter V8, the L98 boasted a selection of features that, honestly, wouldn't be out of place on a brand new car. A ZF 6-speed manual with fuel-sipping gear lockouts, an adaptive suspension with damping control, and power adjusting seats with lumbar control were all noteworthy in 1989 and might still be today.

Honestly, you could be forgiven rekindling your interest in a C4 based on this review since it seems like you wouldn't be giving up too many luxuries.

Naturally, you'd be giving up on some speed. Even an IROC Z out-accelerated the L98, according to MotorWeek testing, and a 944 Turbo would also outpace the 'Vette. But neither looks as good.

The only thing you'd really feel bad about seeing on the road is a ZR1, the review for which you can watch below.