Motorweek has been on public television since dinosaurs roamed the earth, but that also means that its back catalog of reviews is deep and excellent. The latest re-released review covers Chevy's updated range of pickups in 1988.

Though nowadays redesigns come at us so often it's hard to keep up, in 1987, someone buying their first C1500 in 1987 could have bought basically the exact same truck as their dad bought in 1973.

Although the square body's nose dipped a little to make it more aerodynamic and although the engine's emissions equipment changed a little over the years, the design went basically unchanged for the better part of two decades. So by 1988, a lot of automotive technology had built up to improve the Silverado.

A new, modern design made the body even more aerodynamic, a new interior made the truck feel like a piece of farm equipment and more like a car, and the later addition of Chevy's Vortec heads are still de rigueur for low-buck hot rodding.

Better yet an independent front suspension made it feel more like a car in Motorweek's performance testing than a full-size truck.

Overall, the Cheyenne really impressed the Motorweek crew, and it's easy to see why. The change from the handsome but old-school square body to the ultra-modern fourth-gen must have felt like a quantum leap.