Holy crap it's Thursday and we're doing a throwback post just like a realsies internet blog! Okay, it's not exactly us. It's those internet savvy kids over at Donut Media, but we are piggy backing off their work, and what could be more internetty than that?

You may have heard the rumors recently that Chevy's planning on bringing back the Blazer to fill the gap between the Equinox and the Traverse and to generally cash in on the red hot crossover market. So what better time to look back at the baggage the name carries.

That's quite a lot of baggage, indeed. Long known for its off-road capability and rugged good looks, the Blazer was one of the OG SUV pioneers that brought the segment out of relative obscurity and into the main stream.

While the upcoming Blazer is likely to share more in common with an Acadia than a Silverado, we're holding out hope that it'll keep some of the original go-anywhere spirit and rugged style that served it so well in the past.