Another Industry Test Pool session, another Corvette sighting.

Chevrolet engineers don't just have one car though, there were at least three cars running hard around the notorious German road course.

The popular theory paints the two big winged prototypes are the same car testing different transmissions, the red mirror car hooking GM's new 10-speed automatic to a revised version of the 6.2-liter supercharged LT4, leaving the black mirrored car as the manual mule.

Without a doubt red mirrors is singing a supercharged song, audibly whining under hard acceleration several times, but with black mirrors, it's harder to tell. Black mirrors also seems to shift just as fast, clips of them through the same sections reveal identical shift points and similar sounding shift speeds.

If we assume the big winged cars are two sides of the same coin, engine notes should be the same and shift points should be different, leading to the question: is one of these Corvette mules running around with a different motor?

It's not quite clear what the third, little wing car even is at this point; perhaps it's nothing more than a planned aero upgrade for the Z06 and Grand Sport?

Literally, nobody knows anything about this project. For all we know this is just Chevrolet trolling Porsche for no reason, or stealing headlines during the Ford GTs media drive.

But whatever's going on, more of it, please.