Dale Jr. might be taking the wheel of the Silverado to pace the Daytona 500 in a couple of months, but here's a video of a kindly Canadian putting the 2019 ZR1 through its paces. Sorry.

This isn't just any hoser, though. It's longtime sports car racer, Le Mans winner, and Nascar road course ringer Ron Fellows.

Fellows was a Corvette Racing driver for years, with multiple wins and podiums. He's so ingrained in Corvette that Chevrolet built a special edition bearing his name in 2007.

Now he runs a driving school in Nevada and Canada that's called "The Official High-Performance Driving School of Corvette."

The video is Fellows taking a lap of a school ZR1 on Spring Mountain's East Track. It's captured, along with telemetry, by the ZR1's Performance Data Recorder.

And believe it or not, this is a "slow" lap. Fellows had his son on board so he was taking it "easy." By which he means still making us all look bad.