People have this idea that old American cars can't be raced. They're big, they're ridiculous, and they're primitive. But Arlo Karikomi is out there in his '65 El Camino showing them the error of their ways.

Karikomi is featured in the latest episode of Hagerty's "Why I Drive" series. Having autocrossed his Chevy since 2014, he's now a dab hand, but people still act surprised when he shows up.

Fortunately, as Karikomi tells it, they're all thrilled when they realize that he does, actually, intend to race the El Camino, which he's owned for over 20 years.

Now on its second life, the El Camino was disused for years after a front-end collision put it out of commission as his daily driver. When he heard about autocross, though, he knew he had to race his El Camino.

And since then, he and the car have grown together. As Karikomi became a better driver, he invested in speed parts, making the car better. And together, they've grown into a deadly pair.