If you want to race at the top echelons of the sport, there are some safety requirements that you need to follow, and that means more than just throwing a cage and some seats in the car and calling it a day. Which is how we end up with this hilarious video of Corvette Racing driver Jan Magnussen flopping out the passenger side of a Corvette C8.R.

Magnussen is a 21-time 24 Hours of Le Mans entrant, including 4 class wins behind the wheel of a racing Corvette of one sort or another. The Danish driver has been with the team since 2004, but his first start in the C8.R will come this weekend at the FIA World Endurance Championship event at Austin's Circuit of the Americas.

Part of the FIA's WEC rules includes a ****pit Exit Time test. It's rule 5.3.8 of the WEC Sporting Regulations. The rule says that every driver, in full gear and starting with seat belts fastened, must be able to get out of the car using the driver's side door in seven seconds. That's the easy part. The driver also has to be able to get out of the car from the passenger side in just nine seconds. That's through the arm net, around the roll cage, and out the door, which if you've ever stuck your head in a professional race car is an act of agility that would disqualify most of us from ever competing.

It's a smart rule, since escaping potential fire is essential, but it's not exactly graceful. Which is why we have this clip of Magnussen climbing out the wrong side of his car and flopping awkwardly onto the cement floor of the paddock building. He just barely makes it.